It is an integrated information system for the management of human, financial, goods and services resources to be used as a support tool in the support processes in the institutions of the Government Administration.

It aims to optimise the use of human, material and financial resources, increase productivity, improve the quality of services and make public management transparent.

SISINFOGRP is a solution that provides a set of state-of-the-art tools to deal efficiently and standardised with all the support processes of an organisation operating in the governmental sphere in Uruguay.

SISINFOGRP is integrated by the following sub-systems:
Integrated Personnel Administration System
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Integrated Financial Administration System
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Integrated Supply and Purchasing System
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Integrated Management Analysis System
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In SISINFOGRP each of the subsystems is interrelated and contains common elements (Core) that enhance the solution.
Technical features
  • 100% web technology
  • Process-based management (Business Process Management - BPM)
  • Service Oriented (SOA)
  • Multiplataform
  • Múltiple opertaing systems
  • Múltiple databases
  • Multi-format reporting (PDF, MSOffice, OpenOffice)
  • Extensible forms
  • Dynamics queries and reports
  • Formula language
  • SDK for extensions
What makes SISINFOGRP different from other products?
The distinctive feature of SISINFOGRP  is its original conception, which aims to specialise in the Uruguayan State. SISINFOGRP  has been carefully designed and implemented, considering almost 30 years of experience that SISINFO has in projects with public bodies. This is a difference over other solutions that have been conceived in other realities and then tried to adapt them to the reality of the government. This makes SISINFOGRP  the best vertical software solution for the government.