What is Odoo?

Odoo is the best management software to run a company; with a modern and elegant technical design, it is unique. It allows us to provide first class usability in all business processes from a single platform.

In short, you will be able to manage your company from a single point, with immediate access to important and concrete information for strategic and operational decision making.


What benefits you get with ODOO

Odoo ERP offers you the possibility of integrating all these tools into one to make your company work more effectively. Unify all the management of your company in the same software. Reduce efficiency, time and possibly financial loss by centralising all the information in one place. Manage, control and review everything that happens in your company from your mobile and computer.


Our solution

ERP River




ERP Ocean


Work Methodology

Analysis of the business model in order to define the implementation strategy.

Survey workshop

We redefine processes if necessary in order to generate a better use of the systems.

Process redesign

At this stage we are able to parameterise and configure the systems based on the previous stages.

Configuration and parameterisation

Testing of each of the modelled and configured modules.

Unit Testing

We ensure that the client has total independence and autonomy in the management of the systems.


Once the previous stages have been completed, we reach the final approval of the project with the client's consent.

Sprint Approval


Tailor-made implementation

We evaluate your company's needs and requirements to determine how Odoo can adapt and improve your business processes. We provide advice on best practices and how to get the most out of the platform.
We carry out the initial installation and configuration of Odoo in your company. This includes the configuration of the necessary modules, customisation of fields and workflows, integration with existing systems, etc.
If you are migrating from a pre-existing system to Odoo, SisInfo can help you transfer and convert your existing data to Odoo.
We offer training and education sessions to end users or key users in your company so that they can efficiently use Odoo and take advantage of all its functionalities. This includes the creation of user manuals and customised training material.


We provide ongoing support to ensure that Odoo runs smoothly in your company. This can include technical troubleshooting, upgrades, security patches and enhancements, and we offer service levels tailored to your needs..
If you need to integrate Odoo with other applications or external systems, SisInfo can help you establish those integrations and ensure secure and seamless communication between systems.
We enhance and add value to your data. We create customised tools so that you can enhance your data and add value to it.
We can design and implement your data network, guaranteeing the internal and external connection of your company, especially installing and configuring switches, routers, firewalls, VLAN, WIFI and VPN.
We design a backup and contingency system according to the needs of your company, with manual or automatic processes, mirror systems that allow you to recover the backup quickly and safely.