Our Organization

We are an innovative Uruguayan company with extensive experience in software development and consulting, providing customized solutions to our clients. Established since 1987, we have grown as a company and successfully implemented our solutions, consulting, and methodology in over fifty government agencies and private companies.

We are driven by a high commitment from our technical experts and the knowledge acquired over the years to create high-quality and innovative solutions.

Our Mission

To promote the comprehensive development of our employees through training, innovation, and a positive work environment, functioning as a team that is committed, motivated, and loyal to the company's values and vision.

To provide our clients with solutions that are backed by knowledge, quality, innovation, and satisfaction.

We seek reasonable profitability that allows for sustainable growth, continuously generating high-quality job opportunities and contributing to Uruguay's international positioning in the sector.

Sisinfo´s Vision

To become the leading company in the field of Information Technology by providing innovative and high-quality solutions at the national and international levels. Our culture is focused on the satisfaction and success of our clients through teamwork, continuous training, and continuous improvement.