The SIAG Business Intelligence solution was developed with SISINFOGRP's different clients in mind, seeking to understand, analyse and optimise the information originating in the management processes of Human Resources, Finance and Goods and Services.

The tool has a base information solution for each SISINFOGRPmodule, and in future stages it will be developed according to the reality, requirements and information needs of each organisation.

The main components of SIAG are:

Through ETL processes, the information necessary for the different information queries is stored in an efficient and structured way.

Through the definition of information cubes, multidimensional analyses (OLAP) can be carried out, allowing the rapid consultation of large amounts of data, the modelling of reports by the user and the in-depth analysis of the information.

The main indicators and critical business data are available for periodic monitoring by the management area, making it possible to identify trends and behaviours.

Recurring queries are configured in the application menu so that all users, without the need for in-depth knowledge of the business or the application, can access the necessary information.

Alerts are configured for critical points or reminders of actions to be taken by the members of the organisation.
Security System

The security module allows the administration of users and the control of access to the different functionalities of the system. It also allows:
  • Integration with Authentication Software
  • Definition of Security Policies
  • Assignment of Permissions to a user or Roles
  • Consultation of Access Control on different applications
  • Auditing