The SIAC sub-system of the SISINFOGRP product suite provides all the tools to manage an organisation's stock, procurement, purchasing and fixed assets.

The SIAC suite is composed of the following modules:

  • The functionalities of the Purchases module are oriented to the processes of requests for materials, passing through different stages, authorisations and approvals, until the materials are delivered to the applicant
  • It automatically supplies the accounting systems, both in the budgetary stages and in all the events with economic repercussions, which update the asset accounting
  • Multi-currency: Management of purchases in national or foreign currency
  • Management of purchase orders by supplier: The system allows the management of the entire purchase order process from its origin to the reception of the materials from the entry of delivery notes or invoices. 
  • The system is interfaced with ARCE (Regulatory Agency of State Purchases) and RUPE (Single Register of State Suppliers)
  • It allows the management of the different competitive purchasing procedures according to the regulations established by the TOCAF (Orderly Text of Accounting and Financial Administration).  
  • Management of the UCA/UCAMAE purchasing process
  • Queries and reports: The module has several queries such as, for example:
  • Last purchase price
  • Queries by requests and purchase orders
  • Queries of awards
  • Purchases pending reception

  • Management of consumption requests: The module allows the management of the entire process of requests for resources (consumption) of an organisation, from the origin of the request for materials to the delivery of the same by the supplier
  • Delivery of materials: Based on the consumption requests authorised with available stock, the process of delivery of materials is carried out, which determines the total or partial fulfilment of the corresponding request. 
  • It allows the definition of more than one Warehouse Location per supplier and the planning of material deliveries according to the availability of each location.  
  • Material Receipt Acknowledgement Process: SIAC allows consumers or resource requesters to acknowledge receipt of materials delivered by the supplier
  • It allows different roles to be defined by user groups in order to decentralise the tasks involved in the resource request process: Entry, Approval, Authorisation, Delivery of Materials. 
  • It allows to enter purchase requests from unfulfilled or partially fulfilled resource requests
  • SIAC offers the possibility of determining the items that can be requested from each supplier based on the maintenance of catalogues by supplier. 
  • Consumption Calendars: The system offers the possibility of limiting requests by items and according to date periods
  • Queries and reports: The module has several queries such as, for example:  
  • Requests by user and sector
  •  List of pending consumption requests
  • Last delivery of materials
  • Consumption requests by different states, being able to see the change history

  • Allows stock control that is automatically updated according to the incoming and outgoing movements of materials or services carried out in the system
  • Control of batches and expiry dates depending on the type of article
  • Allows incoming and outgoing movements such as stock transfers between warehouses
  • Allows for the splitting of articles according to their presentation
  • It has different types of reports of stock movements and current stock by article, supplier and/or warehouse
  • Details of incoming and outgoing movements of articles over time

  • The Contracts module allows the complete management of a contract, from its origin to its cancellation, termination or renewal. 
  • It allows the execution and monitoring of contracts based on the conditions established with the supplier in terms of deadlines, guarantees, price readjustments and compliance
  • Possibility of working in an integrated manner with the purchasing module and/or managing contracts without a reference purchase procedure. 
  • Guarantees: The module allows the management of guarantees linked to the contract
  • Incidences: Allows to enter incidences caused throughout the period of the contract
  • Projected invoicing: Possibility of planning and projecting the invoicing of the contract based on its conditions and parametric adjustments to be applied
  • Invoicing received: Allows invoices to be linked to an existing contract and their comparison with the projected invoicing
  • Reports: The module has several queries that facilitate its management, for example:
  • Incident queries
  • Contract execution
  • Original contract amounts and amounts updated by parametrics
  • Contracts by supplier
  • Audit queries
  • Contract expiry dates

  • Inventory and Management of Fixed Assets (Goods, Works, Fleets)
  • Information on Assets/Technical Sheet/Location/Responsible party/Labelling
  • Transfer of goods between organisational units or physical locations
  • Acknowledgement of receipt of goods for use by the destination organisational unit
  • Accounting information
  • Multiple Depreciation Criteria
  • Integrated restatement with inflation adjustment
  • Generation of Accounting Reports
  • Management of Responsibility Centres
  • Integration with the stock management and supply module: automation of the inventory based on incoming and outgoing movements of stock of goods for use
  • Queries / Reports: The module has several queries that facilitate its management

The security module allows the administration of users and the control of access to the different functionalities of the system. It also allows:
  • Integration with Authentication Software
  • Definition of Security Policies
  • Assignment of Permissions to a user or Roles
  • Consultation of Access Control on different applications
  • Auditting