Odoo® is an open source suite of applications that covers all the needs of a company or organisation.

El GRP Odoo® Estado Uruguayo of SISINFO is a system that contemplates the casuistry of any organisation that is part of the national budget. The different procedures included in the software are based on the rules established by the competent bodies.

GRP Estado Uruguayo allows the implementation of modules necessary to execute the processes of: Procurement, Budget Management, Contract Management, Inventory, Finance, Asset Accounting and Budget Plan, completely systematising the process of purchasing goods or services with their budgetary, accounting and contract and inventory impact.

The solution enables:
  • The complete systematisation of the procurement process with the possibility of decentralised purchase requests, going through the necessary process, validation and authorisation instances of both the organisation and the controlling bodies
  • The preparation, planning, execution and monitoring of the budget with the capacity to analyse consolidated execution, by subsection, executing unit, area, project, budget key, object or any other accumulator(s). Also, the ability to compare budget execution with planning
  • The management of contracts, including physical and financial monitoring, as well as their budgetary impact on the current and future years
  • Generate alerts on due dates and consumption, price adjustments according to defined parametrics, indices or variables
  • To carry out the management of suppliers of both products and services (contracts) with relevant information on expenditure by supplier, performance, accounts payable, etc
  • Financial management through the Treasury General of the Nation and multiple treasuries as financial units and identify several treasuries for each treasury (income, payments with funds not included in the CUN)
  • Financial management includes the management of Payments from the generation of the Budget Obligation with its respective flow of approvals, cancellation according to different means of payment in various currencies, and multiple Cashboxes. The management of multiple bank accounts, including automatic reconciliation processes with the budget and asset accounting
  • The management of per diems (advance, rendering, approval and liquidation), revolving funds and any other funds held by the organisation, including the production of the necessary requirements for their rendering of accounts in the manner provided for in the regulations in force
  • The management of Fixed Assets including the operations of classification, accounting, improvements, depreciation, revaluation, accounting activation of "Assets in Installation Processes" and management of fixed assets with the goods (advances) that integrate it with the possibility of revaluation and amortisation using different criteria
  • Management of assets with information relevant to their maintenance
Success stories of Odoo Estado Uruguayo implementations
  • MDN - Ministry of National Defence
  • FGN - Office of the Attorney General of the Nation
  • DINACIA - National Directorate of Civil Aviation and Aeronautical Infrastructure
  • MGAP - Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries
  • MIDES - Ministry of Social Development
  • CFE - Education Training Council